About Karen

How in the world did I become a dreadlock specialist? DSC08298

Before hairstyling, I was a freelance makeup artist and in 1997 I had the privilege of working for a company called Cinema Secrets. It was a dream experience for a young, aspiring artist. One day, (founder & critically aclaimed makeup artist) Maurice Stein approached me and asked where I wanted to go in my career and whether I had ever considered adding hairstyling to my skill set. He went on to explain the benefits to offering both hair and makeup services; And that he in fact, used to be a barber. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. So it wasn’t long after that I enroled in hair-school and obtained my hairstyling license in 1999. Over the years I found myself working less as a makeup artist and more as a hairstylist but it was during my hair apprenticeship when I was first introduced to dreadlocks and that, was a game changer.

Back in the early 2000’s, there was no social media, no online instruction. I was creating dreadlocks the same way and just about anyone; By back-combing, twisting and palm-rolling. But the entrepreneur in me took dreadlocking hair to a whole new level. Year after year my experience evolved into a refined series of techniques that when used interchangeably proved not only to work to create dreadlocks but to maintain and repair them for anyone with any length or any texture of hair. I built my career around dreadlocks. In 2001, I opened my first salon, Pretty Eclectic. In 2004 I founded Knot Just Dreads and in 2016 I launched Modlocks. Sometimes I miss working as a makeup artist, but I will always appreciate that pivotal point in my life when I transitioned from makeup artist to hair artist.


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