Hair Extensions

What is Modlocks natural hair weft extensions?

Modlocks natural hair weft extensions has nothing to do with dreadlocks.  Modlocks hair extensions are sewn into the hair providing increased length and/or volume. There is no glue, tape or bonding adhesive. Moreover, unlike traditional sewn extensions where the entire head is often braided in one continuous track around the head, Modlocks weft extensions blend with the person’s natural hair length and texture.

What is a weft?

A weft is a type of hair extension that hangs like a curtain whereby each hair is stitched together along a seam.

Who is a good candidate for Modlocks weft extensions?

Modlocks weft extensions are best suited for anyone with hair length and texture that is complementary to the length and texture of the extension hair. In other words, if your hair is too short or not the same texture as the extension hair, it won’t blend well.

If my hair is curly and I straighten it all the time, can I get straight extensions?

It is not recommended to mismatch textures. Curly hair blow-dried straight does not look the same as naturally straight hair.

How are Modlocks weft extensions installed?

A track, like a cornrow (or a tiny french braid) runs from one side of the head to the other.

The weft of hair is sewn to the track. The final look is also known as a weave. This method will not damage your hair. It’s cost effective and practical.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Modlocks extensions will not damage your hair. A good extension stylist with plenty of experience should know exactly how to apply and remove extensions carefully and safely.

Where Does The Hair Come From?

Extension hair primarily comes from Asia (China & Indonesia. More expensive hair comes from Europe.

How is hair prepared for extensions?

Since most human hair comes from the Asian market, the dark hair is lightened and/or permed to offer a plethora of colours and textures for people with all hair types. The more processing that is done to the hair, the less virgin it is. Cheap extension hair is stripped of the cuticle and replaced with a layer of silicone.

What is Remy (also called Remi)?

Remy hair means the cuticle is intact and all the hairs lay in the same direction. This is often referred to as the highest quality hair available (next to virgin Remy which has not been coloured).

How much does natural hair extensions cost? (not including installation)

Human hair can cost as little as forty or fifty dollars and as much as several hundreds of dollars. In this case, you get what you pay for.

How long do weft extensions last?

If your goal is to wear extensions for a long period of time, you will need maintenance about every 6-12 weeks. The longer you wait between maintenance, the more your hair will tangle at the root. This happens because of daily accumulation of shedded hair that gets stuck above the track. This is normal and happens with all types of hair extensions.

Will weft extensions fall out?

As the weeks pass between maintenance services, the tracks slowly grow away from the scalp causing the wefts to hang loose from the head. They will never completely fall off or slip out the way strand-by-strand extensions often can.

How do I sleep with weft extensions?

Making one or two large braids is one option. Another is to twist your hair into a bun placed where it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. To further protect your extensions, you can choose to wrap your hair in a silk scarf or switch to a silk pillow case. Either will help reduce the amount of friction which causes the hair to tangle.  Never sleep with loose and/or wet extensions.  

How long do weft extensions take to install?

Each track and weft installation takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. A full head of MODLOCKS weft extensions has 3-6 tracks.

Do I have to buy new hair every time I come for maintenance?

No! With proper care, weft extensions can be reused several times.

How are wefted extensions removed?

The thread used to sew the weft is removed with a stitch ripper and the track is un-braided. The shed hair is combed out, the tracks are re-braided and the wefts are sewn back into the exact same position.

Does it cost to remove MODLOCKS weft extensions?

The cost to take weft extensions out is factored into the cost of maintenance when you have them put back on. When you’re finally ready to say goodbye to your extensions, there is a small charge to remove them because the process is relatively quick.